Monday, September 1, 2008


went to northpoint for brunch 2day
main motive of the day: BOWLING!

so we proceeded to safra, but it was packed till like 4 then have free lane
and it was only 2
so we went occ instead
i got 61 for the second round.
but i got 104 for the first round!!! im not that bad ok... but surprisingly, my lil bro beat my eld'bro for all 3 rounds. proness!i must say
im a sore loser, especially at bowling
when im not winning
i'll feel pissed
like the first game when i was initially winning, i was damn happy, and i keep laughing

but at the last part when my lil bro strike and all
i was like, whatever.....
oh wells. that's why i hardly bowl.

gay sex.-_-

it's that messy

table tennis craze
yknow what, screw you to the max. you suck shit big time gay bastard=]
im glad to say that. i knew i couldnt trust you on that
anws, i just watched the taiwan parliament fights that mr poon suggested for us to watch
quite interesting. but not as scary as i thot
right, tys time

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