Sunday, September 21, 2008

i hate my stm and pms

my stm sucks. my brain only has 8.1 gb(on purpose) of memory. more than smita. hers only 8.0 gb
and my pms. i think this month's pms is different
usually i'll be really piss and stuff. this month is on the emo side
cool huh
i wonder if pms can be hyper too

anws.... went to sch in the morn
no wait, to macs at lucky plaza first
so full
i couldnt even finish drinking that cup of milo
there's this cute boy at the counter
me and smit thinks he's cute but hui ping does not
and we saw another cute ang moh boy when we were going home too!
you know that hui ping arh. make things difficult for me
cuz i call her hui in short
and she tell me she dont like
but i cannot help it
so whenever i call for her
i'll go "hui!.......................PING!"
i'll have this realllllllyyyy long pause between her name

oh oh! took it on the way to far east.. the shoulders are ultra broad

then we went to the bus stop at far east to take 132
when we were walking there, we saw 132 alr. but then it left b4 us
we're suppose to be in sch at like 10.30
it was 10 then.
we waited
and waited
and waited
10mins past
3mins past
olivia is damnnnn funny when she takes pic
this pic she was suppose to be in it too. HAHHAHA!!!
and after she take a picture, she'll shrieked! literally and me and smita will be there laughing our ass off. SHE'S SO FUNNNNYNNYYYYYYYYYY
eek, i think i have cat eyes here. GROSSSS

.7 mins past
.10 mins past.
it's 30 mins till the bus came. so it's 10.30 now. where we were suppose to be in sch.
we reached sch at 11.
LOL. pro-ness huh
i keep laughing at her today. =]]

then after chem. we went to play spy
SO FUN!!!!
spy on mo mo and er hem
hahahahhahahahahahaha. i think we're childish but that's what kids do
no, ms tan says we're still infants.

i think i was quite mean to hui ping today.
i don noe why. maybe my pms? sorryyyyyy
eddie said he saw me today
and he say i looks fierce and dao
tskkkkk. no wait, i think i look dao when i don smile but fierce a bit out huh
but i didnt see him. he said he was wearing all black
omg eddie!! it's so hot nowadays!!! stilll wear black.....-_- tsk tsk!!

i brought back smita's sudoku! yipee. but.. ughhhh
it's like you can do until half way, then you'll be stuck. i was stuck 3 times already!!!
becuz i did 3 puzzles....
oh wells....

and i got home and slept for the whole afternoon
i dreamt alot man
i dreamt i was with my gor with a bunch of really hot ang mohs and they are my good frens!!
awesome! and then there were naked ppl walking here and there. like wtf? and they didnt seem to mind. SHIT!! i know why i dreamt bout that, cuz hui ping drew a naked body during chem today. i almost screamed. and i just toss the paper away. tsk tsk!! and the ang mohs should have come from the cute boy i saw! hahah. cool!
anws, there were 2 hot girls in my dream. and i woke up when i felt my feet being pressed.
my mum.

and so we went to ah ma house for dinner
then we went to casuarina for supper. their cheese prata not very nice.
my dad pronounces casuarina as cashino. HAHAHAHHHAAAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAH
oh oh, and i left my phone at home. amazing
but!! whenever i wanna take pic of something really cool, i need to borrow it from my mum or bro. zhen ma fan! (troublesome)

tired. and weird-_-

so cool right!! i got this pic from oli. her hand. and the colours look like she coloured them on but it's a rainbow! i think this is a really sweet photo.
and lastly. i wanna say is that, i don like strangers to lecture me
strangers apply to: ppl i met for the first time, ppl that i don know well
i will rebut or confirm talk bad bout the person
usually they are either security guards or teachers.
but if someone i know and respect lectures me
i'll feel sour but i dont mind. it's just different.
cuz their lectures do make sense to me and i do listen.

i need go sleep
my bro says his teacher says
it's true. but...
i didnt mug! why am i growing fat!!!!!

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