Thursday, September 4, 2008

GUYS? with ulterior motive.....

me and my eld bro was discussing some issue last time
he keeps reminding me that guys have ulterior motive.
and i've thought it thru
makes sense.

they always ask you for an intro (HATE IT)
and i always say my name, age and sch
name is duh.
for the age, i bet they would wanna know if you're above 16 or not
you know why right. ok, maybe not.
to put it crudely, to see if you are of age to have s_x
and sch, maybe to stalk you? but of cuz, you need to be of their age first. i dont mean same age but at least 16. ;]

eh damn it luh, i've been introduncing myself like that always
but i'll just keep saying 15 then

it's hard to find genuine ppl who wants to be genuine friends from friendster.
so much for it being called FRIENDster
however, i did not use the word impossible, so i guess it's still possible that some genuine ppl are out there!

my bro say that those guys that really want to make frens with you wouldnt add you, they expect ppl to add them
and vice versa for girls? so it's hard to meet one. count on your luck then=]

i gtg now
meeting hui ping downstairs to go amk. i cant believe im slacking=[

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