Sunday, September 21, 2008


this is my one of my fav candy too
cuz it allows you to play with food and no one will scold you

my dad and bro went fishing today
and nah, they didnt manage to catch anything
omg! there's this new girl in my ballet class
her name is angel.
so cool huh
she's from china and now then i know
she really dont look cheena but she has that acsent.


hui ping and i was walking home the other day and we saw a full yellow car

huiping: eh! looks like bumble bee

zhen: NO, don have black strips

hui ping: huh? bumble bee dont have

zhen: have! all bees have black strip! all bees are black and yellow! do you know?

hui ping: huh.... wait, did you watch transformers?

zhen: no. why?

hui ping: HAHAHHAHAH

zhen: very funny meh

hui ping: no no. the bumble bee i was referring to is the car is transformers! is the machine! can transform into a all YELLOW car

zhen: HAHAHHAH.omg, so bumble bee is the name of the car?

hui ping: YES!

zhen: sorry sorry


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