Friday, September 5, 2008


i was so blur this morning that I FLUSHED THE TOILET WITHOUT PEEING FIRST

last night was bad, i slept at 2 plus.
my mind was full of things that got me damn distracted. i was so irritated with my brain.
i kept waking up while sleeping. make me so blur this morning.

oh oh, had this mass chat last night that i got added in weirdly
with dancers, but P.A dancers.
eh eh!! i wanna join anyhow art!! but does it clash with our exams?
damn. my bro str away say, after your o....
that's like damn far away, i scared i wouldnt fit in after that

OH OH!! nan hua have this cute boy
he is damn cute!!! his nick is nai ping(milk bottle) i think. not sure, just something to do with milk
ya, he is so chubby and his voice also haven break yet(sec 1).
he is so funny. hhaahhahaaa
anws, sch is opening soon. sucks. homework!! so it's the last min rush thingy again. though, i think i wouldnt be able to finish doing everything.
what to do, im me.

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