Monday, August 25, 2008

What would you say when someone's gonna kill you?

zhen - go away!... (in bimbo tone)

xiang - make it quick

and for gor's
i had some hearing problem, so i took quite a while to hear what he said

zhen: what would you say?
gor: my prayers
zhen: you're brainless?
gor: my prayers!!
zhen: oh, you'll say 'my prayers'? why?
gor: my prayers as in the last words i would say!!
zhen: OH.......
gor: (-_-!!!!)

gor - his prayers

i was effing slow yesterday
my eld'bro keep giving me that look


oh wait, i dont know why im annoucing this
but still, it's a big thing to me
srsly!! im so guai and i've to go serve detention
HELLO TEACHERS!!! there are so much more other students with INAPPROPRIATE socks and skirt length, why catch me? on ndp day, so many ppl put make-up, why catch me? cuz they are cuter and look more innocent?! (no offence) judge ppl by looks one, tsk.
the above statement is highly untrue, only to seetshuzhen. so you cant sue me when i say that. muahahaha.
im so pissed, thus, this is what i drew anws, i drew this b4 mr lee came and give me the consent form. tsk! anws, it's reference from a book
had dance today

lao shi told us we might get to perform for the opening of youth olympic in indoor stadium next year. OMG!!! *grabs mouth and scream (no sound = loudest scream)

so cool ey, i just hope we'll get chosen, since it's not confirmed yet. and finally, we learnt a new dance 2day. awesomely jazzy. =D

after dance, went to sakae to meet my family=]

lil'bro's creation

name of dish: 'masterpiece.' wtf?

my yozu ice cream! i dont know whether it's yozu or not, i just know it starts with 'y'. it's tangerine shorbet. i love shorbets!!!! sourly nice
and yes, zen so wanted to be part of the pic. orh bi quek, you're too short
watched money not enough 2 on sunday

i cried, omg. was pretty emotional
the only problem was, i feel the movie was pretty incomplete
it's like the different scenes are not completed
jack neo wants to portray too much things that it became incomplete in the end
but overall, job well done in making me cry

during P.E 2day
mo: amazing, your slow jog is the same pace as my walking pace!
zhen: -_- tsk!
OMG!! today is the last series for the korean drama
and i still have not learnt the title yet, so dont ask me
so nice=]] i like!!!!
ahhh. gtg do my hw. it's like 11 plus now? bad habit of mine
detention on wed
im so pissed. thanks smita for your tissue letter! hahaha

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