Saturday, August 23, 2008

what happen to the passion that we had

david choi's songs are weirdly beautiful
i don noe! it's has such a weird beat. but makes me wanna listen=]
my aircon last night was like really cold. the blanket wouldnt help, the cold air seep thru my blanket and attacked my feet. so cold


nah, im not calling you, i meant, drink honey it's really good
it's sweet and i don think most ppl would reject something sweet rite

anws, why drink honey?


people with dry lips, you can drink honey. it really does help i just had one cup. my sch dentist told me to drink as i had dry lips, and i did. and it did work=]

so rather than just buying a lip balm (does work too, but only temporary. can buy one from guardian or watson)

facts from mrs chia
mrs chia told us that honey is really awesome for skin
she used her skin as an example
im not really sure cuz i didnt attempt to touch her skin
neither did i examine her skin.
soo, she claimed she loves drinking honey and it keeps her skin healthy and smooth!
so ya, i think mrs chia's words are convincing.
go try and tell me! hahaha
im jk, i'll try. but the honey bottle i have is super hard to open
mine took more than a min to twist open the cap just now

im not sure if this is true
but feel like using the washroom now
makes you less constipated? (don trust this)


honey does not cause diabetes, so no worries. but i dont mean you can go eat one whole jug of honey at one go. that im not sure if it will cause you diabetes. just take it once every day or something. just put a spoon of honey in your water and stir and drink it. or you can buy the honey stick. i like sour rasberry!!


drinking honey would help make you healthier i think! lol. can strengthen your immune system. cuz it's an anti-oxidant. and reduce stress at the same time. great for sec 4 lives

dont ever place your honey outside, even if you do, place it in a bowl of water.
and i dont mean honey literally mixed with water. i mean the honey bottle in the bowl of water. and the water level lower than the honey bottle. like this?

yes i know you see a nutella bottle there i put my honey in there.
yeah you get what i mean. the point is to prevent ants from attacking your precious honey
or better still, just place it in the fridge. when i took it out, the cap is damn hard to open. so choose one. put outside and do those procedure OR just dump it in the fridge and spend a longer time to open the cap=] yeah, your choice.

so drink your honey today!

bye. toilet time (RUNNNNNSSSSS to the toilet)

clothes from joce. (eh! joce sounds like a shop. lol)

btw, nice warped photos the other post right? =]

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