Saturday, August 30, 2008

that day was bad, but it shall be a better today

b4 i start on any thing concerning today
let's rewind and hit back on yesterday yesterday. which is.. the day b4
i told my mum about the email thing
because i thot i should
and she gave me a scolding like there's no 2moro
i stood there for half an hour crying my lungs out
it just kept flowing
i took all the insults and all the guiltiness
'you make me ashamed'
'can you find a way to quit your dance, your school and all your friends that made you speak like this?'
'i want to go fight this case for you but after reading your emails, you make me ashamed to even appear in your school'
'its not just you you know! you're making me and your papa lose face. why wenever teach our daughter properly.'

those words. i felt it
hard and sharp
my thoughts in my mind were
'i feel like dying'
'i want to suicide'
'can this finish faster, i need to make the teachers' day card now'

it was like, i could never cry enough over this incident
a little sentence could sent me sobbing away. srsly.
my mum came into my room to tell me something about that incident
and i was crying in my bed after she left.
that night was the most horrible night
my heart ached like anything
i woke up the next morn with even smaller eyes (swollen)
my hatred for my mum who said all that was gone. amazingly, it always happen
maybe becuz i know i was wrong.

so on a lighter note
i went to school for mass dance and teachers' day
we got 3rd
like finally
we got last the other time, really disappointing. im glad this time it turned out fine=]
teachers' day celebration was a blast i must say
mostly by the sec 4s
awesome skit and all
love it!
i could see that all the teachers were enjoying themselves. makes me happy=]

anws, after that, went to mo's house
long story why i went there
so, her house is BEAUTIFUL
totally gorgeous
i cant describe it more
it's just so dreamy
there are so much details and antiques
i couldnt help but keep looking
and their house overlooks the sea
was totally picturesque!!
omg. i love it
and it's so big
gah gah.
oh the best thing is, her house is filled with mirrors!
hahahah. vain ass luh she
oh her 10 yr old brother is adorable, though mo always complain he is annoying. lol
and this is the mirror mo always take her pics in. haha. it's humongous! i want one too


this is a mirror outside their house. see what i mea by filled with mirrors?

mo's red heels are so... red...

i was wearing curie shirt on that day. bloody small

i know it's small and unclear. but there is a chicken on the loose!!! chicken run!
then her chauffeur sent us to orchard
she went to meet someone
srsly mo, i dont think he is ugly (not that you actually do read my blog, but really)
then i made my way to suntec to meet gor and my cousin
we went to the comex fair
anyone went?
yeah, went there to buy
fortunately, it was super crowded, but today it'll be.
then we went to starbucks to get a drink
but instead of that
i went to buy hagen daaz ice cream
so ex can, wtf
like 8.70 for 2 scoops on a cone?
yes i know i should buy b & js instead
that's what my cousin and bro told me
exactly the same thing. tsk-_-
then i was like half sleeping alr
was soo tired. to the early wake up and crying
so i got back, and decided not to go for ballet
and i went to 'NAP'

14 hrs
and ivandy got it right. the night b4, he tell me good night in case i oversleep again
i know! he cursed me



i bought a new slipper too. cuz my other pair is falling apartand my mum bought me new tees too (maybe to make it up to me? i don noe, but whatever it is, thank you mummy. =])

and i started cam-whoring. yippee

cute cute!

i love the song this is me

and smita just sent me!! yayyyyy=]]]]

btw, zen is scared of my shoe

isnt this such a chio plastic bag??=]]

fat legs
pretty. im obsessed with nice plastic bags. i collect them! i have a whole drawers full of them. so that when i buy a present for my fren, i can put them inside these chio plastic bags. omg, love them

it'll take ages to upload these one by one (no actually, im just lazy). so i did a collage

im hungry
haven had lunch, and im going to have dinner soon
im going to bathe now
im a happy kid
thanks to my really nice frens
i'll try and stay that way.
i've officially finished this post=]
ciao my dears=]]]
p.s: i love smita!!=]]] hehe

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