Sunday, August 10, 2008


stay away from troubles
i feel like living is a chore
though im effing afriad to die
i wonder if i'll die in heaven too
like there's a whole new life in heaven
it's just so weirdly amazing
ok nvm
pardon that stupidness

my mummy just helped me put some hot oil thingy
omg, my hair smells so nice can
and it's so like in place?
like more hair drops. i pray it's the unhealthy hair
im watching hitch now
they censore so many parts
especially the gay kissing part!!

and i watched the ndp again
lee kuan yew is super cute
he smile until very cute
kays, dinner time

i think gymnastic accidents is really bad
and it's really hard.

this is the funny version

bad falls

and i don noe if this is real
don scream arh

bad fall

omfg, this is NASTY.
not bout gymnastic, but still
must watch this man

ok that's quite enough
i can never get enough of this
gtg heucampus

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