Wednesday, August 20, 2008

random facts

i don like mo's pen, it vandalize my hand. and she accuse me of not knowing how to use it!! (gives a bimbo uh?!)
i like long awaited kisses
i don like a book to end, though i want to finish it asap
i prefer responsive ppl

damn, i fail eng!!! 11/25
out of all the subs, i had to fail eng
i HOPE HOPE HOPE i don fail chem and ss
i screwed chem SPA too

i got a bloody 0.03++ %? that's like effing impossible can

nerves took my common sense away.. oh wells
thanks smita for comforting me
i was quite depressed the whole bloody day

i think im very quiet. yeah. generally.

especially during recess, don you think so. HAHA

srsly, i think im quieter than last year, jocelyn said that too

oh she commented that i have small eyes-_-

and she still say it's a compliment

HAHHHA. i was like. right

but maybe she's right, big eyes are not all, you just need eyes that fit your face but still! i adore big eyes....

anws, dance was great, or maybe b4 dance

was having lunch with glenda and eudea. retarded!

cuz glenda had alr put vinegar into eudea's noodles, and i saw it myself, but unfortunately, eudea didnt see it

so when glenda walked away, eudea said 'eh! help me put vinegar'

zhen: she put for you alr

eudea: really meh, i don believe

zhen: REALLY!! you smell your noodles

eudea: (smells it) no, dont have lor

zhen: have!

eudea: dont have, you help me put luh

zhen: you say one arh.. (pours in vinegar)

zhen: now you have 2 dosage of vinegar. tsk


eudea: (eats noodles) omg! eew, so vinegerish

zhen: see luh, don believe me.

eudea: (gives me the funny stare)

i really dont get her. ahhaha, im such a trusty person and 'NICE' person, why she dont believe me? why? why? (smita's version, only smita would get this. ahhahha)

ya and we started talking bout heaven and hell from a soya bean drink and grass jelly drink. i started it? . oops. cuz i felt the need to go crazy and retarded at that point. been long yo!!=]]]

and next!!!



BE PREPARED TO GET A SHOCK. nah, it's actually quite the same=]]










i have no idea why izzit only me that have my face warped.

smita: 'i'm taking picture with a monkey!'

clowns on the trainpls dont get a nightmare.

anws, when you jog, do you lose fats from boobies first or face?

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