Sunday, August 24, 2008

ok, i dont know what's with the weird arrangement.-_-
it just poof, and it happened..... ughh, nvm

but ppl alr told me where is the crying scene (not the scence where ppl cry, the scene where we are suppose to cry)
so maybe i wont cry then.

OMG! i watched synchronized swimming yesterday. russia is super good
and i watched rythmic gymnas too. awesome
the girls are like so rubberish!
super flexible. but if you go youtube and look for those vids
it's effing gross and scary
one to prove

so anw, the positioning of the photos are all screwed up
screw them
oh oh!! the coin deposit machine is just super cool
you put the coin in the tray and pour it in and they coin for you
so fun!!
oh that was at chong pang, there was a dance competition going on as well.

retarded lil bro


from joce
i watch the eye 2 yesterday. not very scary. i wanna watch 4bia!!!

pa: wah, look.
zhen mum: [pause, look]
pa: 5 circles..
zhen: huh?
pa: olympic ah
mum: seperated olympic

i swear i have a very lame father

i gtg rush my hw
i was slacking from fri till now!
oh fuck, im like left with less than an hour!!!

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