Friday, August 1, 2008

the mozzy bite on my elbow. swollen right!!

HUI PING! she ask me to mosiac the pic. haha, but it'll be so ugly if i mosiac it.
is mosiac spelled like that? yknow, i even 4got how to spell cashier today
i spelt as 'chaseir.'

this time of my life. i've raised my standards, i've learnt something new

im particularly referring to ballet
mdm fung invited this male ballet teacher from Australia i think
so he took our class today
the first thing he said bout me was my hair
i know, quite expected luh
anws, i was quite angry with him at first
keep wanting to argue back
but he's a guest teacher
and my eyecandy was there too
i've never worked so hard in my life b4
my muscles ached like shyt
i didnt even have time to go googoogaga over my eyecandy!
amazing isnt it
i used all the muscles in my leg
i bet 2moro i cannot walk
and my muscles will grow bigger=[
he's so detailed
just the starting pose
you are suppose to remember over 5 things
and you need to squeeze every muscle 100% everytime
after the first 10min
i alr start to sweat, and was thinking how to survive
i wanted to walk out.
but still, i survived for 2 hrs
love it
ok, enough of BALLET=]

oh oh!! while sleeping last night
i suddenly have cramp!
like it just happened
i didnt even do anything
my calf starts to tighten up and my muscles feel like it's tearing apart
intense pain >=O

nuffnang:i think this is pretty cool
im not joining but maybe i'll go watch
and O-M-G
2moro is the start of SINGFEST!!!
fyi, i dont have a ticket
i just feel excited for those who are going
momo is going
im going to bed now
finally can sleep till my butt burns!!
isnt that wad they always say in chinese?
shai dao pi gu le (or wadeva)
i don noe luh
i'll just take a small shower first
it's bloody 31.5 degree!!!

dance is love, love is dance. im in love.

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