Monday, August 18, 2008


no, this had nothing to do with chemistry

ok, you quite get my point
im talking bout, black, maybe protruding moles found on human skin
get it?=]
yeah, i think you do

i was in the train and i was facing this ah pek (uncle)
with a mole on his neck
firstly, i wanna ask, why do hair grow out of moles?
that's just ugly and weird. [sry, my meaness attack is here]
and secondly, the hair of the mole is white, but the ah pek's hair is like dark colour, so he makes it so obvious that he dyes his hair.
oh dont get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with dying his hair to make him look younger but he should at least dye his mole hair?!
yeah, that's where im heading at...
eugh... yuck

anws, i was going home by orchard mrt right
then train that was approaching was going to yishun
and they keep announcing, being a smart aleck, i THOUGHT i knew i wasnt gonna take that train since im going home, which is just after yishun
so i sat there
and i took the next train which is 5 mins away
when i was on the way to khatib, after 15 mins, i realize tat i could actually take the yishun train!!
cuz i was suppose to get off at yishun anws for dinner
and i felt sooo stupid
but oh wells, only you and me know huh=]]
a secret we shall keep!!!

and that is just my finger alright....
and my doodling
doodles = bored
whenever im bored, i look thru my phone list, i don noe who to msg
i don noe who will bother to entertain me, so ite, i just doodle. =D yay
ok ta, im gonna watch the Korean show now

Michael Phelps is legend
and the other Jamaican guy that runs super fast
i wanna watch his vid!
i heard that he was striding and not running, and he still broke the world record
omg, i admire those guys
and i yet to find the vid on the weight lifter guy that broke his arm or something
i flip thru all the papers!! but i couldnt find that pic, maybe it's in the straits time
the paper that i DO NOT BUY

im beat, bye

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