Saturday, August 9, 2008


the other time me and hui ping went to sun plaza right
suddenly this guy say 'xiao jie, xiao jie' (miss in chinese)
then i turn ard, i thot i know the person
but it turns out to be a complete stranger?
and he keeps saying 'ni wang zi wo le huh?' (you have forgotten me alr?)
i really had no idea who the shit he is
i think he's fake can
i ask him wad's his name
doesnt ring a bell
and why would he call me xiao jie in the first place?
at least if he called shu zhen, i would try to recall
but tsk tsk.
yknow, in my msn list
i don noe 3/4 of them
i mean, i would just 4get them after they intro
then after tat, they get on with their lifes and i get on with mine
so retarded

that pair of feet wearing the silver slippers belong to my eld'bro k. gayness!

it was raining like shit
luckily the ndp performance didnt get affected MUCH
OMG, i have a sudden obsession over those planes!!
black knights rock the hell outta me
im so amazed by how they manage to constantly maintain that position
and form those formation
it's just awesome
and i think lee kuan yew is cute
srsly, he was the only minister that wore the red raincoat
and he claps cutely too
and my lil'bro was being racist to the president
screw him
cuz he influenced me too
this year's performance was much better
especially the airplane show!!!
was at my ah ma house watching the show
omg, calefare and first class are damn stupid
i like!
and after those shows
we went to the prata shop at yishun to drink te alia? (idk how to spell)
i think my mum has a lot of stories to tell
but she thinks it's not the time to tell us yet
i think im very k-po
i need to know my limits
like i might say wrong things at the wrong time
ok wadeva it is
i went out for the whole day
didnt get the chance to study
i feel bad
though i don think i'll study much ltr anws

b4 i go off
initially i wanted to set up a hate club for someone
but nvm, i'll be leaving crescent anws

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