Sunday, August 31, 2008

IM soooo tired.
make a short hoo-ha and off to bed!=]

i finally bought fbts.
i know wow wee
do i look like a person that has fbts?
some say yes, some say ' i can never imagine you in one' (woooo)

doesnt matter=]
sope, went to army market to buy and then make our way to this bak kuteh stall that sells wonderful rice

im serious, their rice taste soo nice that you can just eat it by itself!!
i like their egg toooo
but i don like their toilet
so ya, the foreign workers there are just FREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKY.
ok ok, not that freaky. they just 'hello, would you like me to help you?' (that's what i heard.)
ya, and my mum totally ask me to stand the other side and my bro come and stand at my original place
i felt blessed and safe? but i kept laughing, idk why

cant get over it=]

anws, during the trip home in the car
xiang was a total psycho!!
he's damn funny and retarded
i laugh non-stop in the car
btw, he had a bad sun burn from wild wild wet the other day with his cca
and we keep making him
ahhahahha. so funny

and i swear, his dancing is just... WEIRDDDD
HAHAHAH. doesnt this just amuse you? ok, nvm. it does to me
good nity!!

b4 i 4get, thank you stephnn for doing thank lil vid for me, it's really sweet. thanks!!=]]]]]

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