Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Im so disappointed for my phys test

i got a freaking 21/40!!

wtf? ughhhh, super duper low, and ms loo was there lecturing us bout how our mindset is weak

and amazingly, teacher could link this to olympics. i caught amanda and keziah laughing! tsk tsk.

oh btw, smita looks more chinese with her new specs, anws, she's half chinese! so makes sense. haha

and i still don like my chi teacher

oh i was damn piss with my phys marks right

too bad mr wong's class was behind phys and i shouted at him, kind of venting my anger on him? i felt a LIL guilty after that

oh wells

AND ONCE AGAIN, i cant sweat! no perspire

ughh, isnt it effing unhealthy or something?

after fitt run, ppl keep saying 'shuzhen! you look like you didnt run'

and i jogged 2.4 just now

i got back, my bro didnt believe, he said i didnt look like i jogged 2.4.



GO 98.7fm! LOVE=]

'you're so stupid that you trip over a cordless phone'

'you're so stupid that you got banged down by a stationary car'

'you're so fat that when you had diarrhoea, ppl thought willy wonka set up a new choco factory!' (my bloody phone cant spell diarrhoea)

'you're so flat that you're jealous of the wall'

'you're so ugly that you scared the shit of out newater' (fyi, newater comes from shit=])

'you're so stupid that you went to my place and ask for my address'


i bet you guys didnt know this

it's 20082008!!!

great day, no wait, the day is ending alr

oh wells, i really don wanna fail anything subject


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