Saturday, August 23, 2008

im bored and is listening to my blog music

me bored and are looking at vids

i have no idea why i lost my eng skills


it's like, nvm

dear diary,
2day, i felt really cold-_-
thank goodness there's no fitt run
oh wait, that's bad!
there were grey clouds so we did not run
but after a while, it was so bright
god bless us

god bless me too, i didnt fail chem
though i didnt pray to him, thanks to him
i should start working harder
diary, i shall name you jen, since ivandy gave me that name
jen!! i still have chem, ss and lit
i do hope i get a B something for either of them
so my total points wont be so high?
omg, david choi's songs are so nice right?=]
hehe, jen! you're blushing (ok, this is weird)
so anws, other than sch...
my hatred for some teachers have gradually reduced
maybe im too lazy to hate them..
i like ms chua
she gives us sweets
my motivation=]
that's why i do well for a math
teachers should do that too!
but jen, do you think we would get diabetics?
that would be bad right
oh!!! the korean show is showing the last episode on mon! cant wait
the girl is so funny
aww, it's all bout guy and girl
im sure it will end they way we like it
that's what makes those shows successful.
though predictable, but we love it=]

i guess that's all for today jen
i'll write again.... yeah

love, zhen. nite jen.

p.s: im not mental luhhh=]

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