Friday, August 15, 2008

im addicted to watching ugly singaporeans videos

but, i wont post any
quite bad
i also watched some suicide vids in singapore
OMFG, I think im gonna have nightmare
i keep re-watching and re-watching
i should not have click on it
damn freaky
see, curosity kills the cat. meow

chicken rice.

cam-whoring moments

beforeafter=] hee

ok, i have chi oral 2moro

and i've got 2 huge ulcers in my mouth

and i got block nose which leads to a eeky voice

and oh wtf

i cancelled the convo, damn, cant copy and paste


i'll blog more 2moro when i get back


oh and i just realize courtney is the girl i like!!!

remember this vid?

yeah she dance in the lyrical hip-hop thing
i totally support her!!

and i thot this song is beautiful

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