Friday, August 22, 2008

if only....

i kinda took a LOOOOONG time to upload alll the pics
and im lazy to blog
oh, the other time in the canteen
i was using an indian accent to talk to eudea and glenda
but while we're walking, i accidentally knocked into one sec 1 i think
i turned ard and said 'oh solly solly'
cuz i couldnt switch back in time!
and i heard them laughing

oh wells. =] im fine with that i guess

L-mo, O-pooja, V-smita, E-zhen. =]
i suddenly remember something

ms vanitha managed to help me squeeze out some marks. YAY her=]]]
omg, i cant believe i actually praise her but still.
thanks alot!!
then after sch, went to lido for lunch with joce
and we started talking bout zack and cody?
no the main character is London
hahaa! there's pure bimbo. except she aint blond
ya, she's sooo dumb
so we were imitating her 'yay me (clap)' trademark
so retarded
oh wells....

oh anyhow, i thot that guy was a crescentian
cuz of the colour shirt and pants he was wearing
god damn it, cuz i wasnt wearing my specsoh oh!! i remember what i wanted to say alr
i mistook joce's rabbit as an orchid
don ask me how k
i saw her wall paper. it's like the close up shot of the eye and the face
and i thot the eye was the middle of the orchid and the rest like the petals and all
thanks to not wearing my specs again

i think i dont eye-candy jie ling anymore... big news huh
oh freak! i haven choreograph anything for curie dance. shitzz
ya back to jie ling. im just glad she appears in my class. im not goo-goo-ga-ga over her anymore

life moves on!

and then, we made our way to joce's house

bathed there, and CAM-WHORED.

the main process of pics: from wet hair to dry hair.-_-

thanks joce=/ this is a dwarf or pig?
it bloody cant stay on my face

bling bling!

awkward moments
classic expressions. (hat belongs to joce)

we're bonding! hoo-haa
symmetrical. i cant do that!! pfffs

blind snoopy
symmetrical snoopy. eh, you look weird.

eeek, i look so ah lian here. eeyerrrr
hey there=] (Delilah-how to spell? )
i like this!
drying in process(hair)
kissability level-10 (nah jk) shake it


let me think again

shadowed away

aint no other reason
bless you
no sex
in betweens
there. comes. a. superwoman.
you hear me fly
peace-d out. hair is officially dry-ed

bye bye!!

so after that. loads of pictures and videos
off to ballet
thanks joce for the guest treatment today
and the stuff you bought for me
2day has been good for me=]
and i found out that you lose tummy fats, then face and boobs
SO, PPL ON DIET! running is the best when you don wanna lose your boobs too!

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