Sunday, August 17, 2008

i went to wake my mum up from her afternoon nap just now
mum: why you wake me up
zhen: i thought you told papa to wake you up at 6 plus? it's 7 now
mum: but it's not 15 hours yet
zhen: huh?
zhen: -_- (walks away)

mum: (laughs sinisterly) [im jk]

yknow i think everyone likes suaning me
not only referring to that 15 hrs of sleep thing
like i once fell down below my house
me and my bro were going to taekwondo
yeah, i do take taekwondo last time
but i quit cuz of too much hw when i was P3-_-
so anyways, we were walking and there was this chain thing hanging there
my bro went 'hai!' and 'ya!' and he jumped across
i went 'hai!' too, trying to be like bruce lee, but i went 'pia!' when i got across
my leg hooked on the chain and i literally fell flat on the ground with my chin on the ground
my elbow was damn pain
i thought i dislocated it or something
nah, i just got a really bad scratch under the thick taekwondo clothes
yeah, it was the worst fall i had

sope anws, that's not the main point
the main point is, whenever i walk pass that area
everyone will go 'be careful arh'
yknow, during that fall, only me and my eld bro was around
my mum, dad and lil'bro wasnt even there, and they can still suan me
they amaze me

my very messy hair in the morn after 14 1/2 hrs of sleep. cute guy as my face! cuz my face is screwed after the sleep as well

so after ballet
my dad fetched me and went out for lunch
and ta-da, some pics

so cool, i look like im a pro driver

ooh, i think this is nice=]

OPEN sry, i meant CLOSE. i srsly put open at first, im so effing blind
CLOSE and this is open=]bla bla

i went cycling with my lil bro just now too
ard my area
the bike have some problem
so annoying!

AHHH, but i think s'pore will not win=[
but still, i hope they do!=]]]
go go go!
and my dad is so excited when singapore gets A point
vid for proof!


and this guy can belly dance! proness=]

and a dance vid to end my post
i've been posting alot of dance vid huh
anws, i think this guy is cute=]]

no wait, this shall be the last dance vid

i love this song!!!

thus would make me love the dance as well. hee
this is super super nice

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