Monday, August 4, 2008

i want a sister!!!
i feel damn left out when my two bros talk
it's so guyish
and i feel so extra at home

i hate using this com
super lag
i can never press any button in facebook
press one button, whole bloody thing lag!

anws, went to funan (wadeva it is spelt) with smita and her ssi to collect her tpc 2day
then met hui ping and millie on the way
omg, hui ping pronouce slogan as slogun
then she make me laugh non-stop for a min
wah, super not nice
i really couldnt stop
and my stomach was killing me
my ears become red, and i started tearing
i also don noe why i laugh so much
and all the ah pei all looking at us weirdly
i think they hate us
they all give this stare
tsk, don like then say luh
kk, i jk only
we're wearing sch u somemore. tee hee

oh i think im gonna fail my chinese oral
i was reading shao nian wen zhai (chinese magazine)
omg, almost once every 2 sentences, i will stumble over the words
either i jumble them up, or i pronouced it wrongly
am i even a chinese
freak luh, i didnt know i was so lousy till 2day=[

then went to sunplaza for dinner
ate at cavana, my mum really very pro can

she was there complaining bout my hair, covering my face
it's like when i look down will auto cover wad
then i say
zhen: my hair very ugly alr, what to do?
mum: ya luh, so ugly alr still cover and make yourself uglier
zhen: ya fine luh, im ugly
mum: no, u're actually very pretty...
zhen: my ass luh!
mum: fine! your ass prettier (and she throws her tissue in her hand on the table, fyi, she was in the pissed mode)

my bad habit of saying my ass
im like saying my ass to EVERYTHING
and everyone keeps saying
ya ya, ur ass luh
tsk, maybe i should stoip the my ass habit
and change to my backside (like geraldine! haha, eh wait, she change to shake it)
ok i better go study

and i think i shall not go to church
i wanted to go
but after my bro persuaded me to go
i don feel like going
i just don like ppl to persude me to go
and say how fun church is
when i go, it's bloody boring can
i ask him what is fun there
he say 'getting to know God'
ya wadeva, fun to you luh
but to convince someone that don go to church, not a very good way

ok last point to add for today
i finally know what is suck in chinese!
smita!! chi teacher is a 'si er!'
hee hee =]]]

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