Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i prefer to keep mum

so you guys know i've got into detention
and apparently, the teacher thought that the emails i sent were rude
and i was threatened a S.O (serious offence)
i was really really pissed and accused
i've never felt more unfair b4
but srsly, my form teacher emailed me
telling me that it's the real world. there's nothing fair
and i've been thru incidents that calmness did solve the problem
that teacher told me to write a letter of repentance, if i'm willing
honestly, im fucking not willing to
but for my years in crescent and my mum and my teachers, i'll have to
i've involved my eng and form teacher in this issue
and i do feel a little bad
so in the letter, i'll just suck up to ___
fyi, the letter would be 90% fake, it's so hard to go against myself and lie
but i want no more trouble
serve detention and i do not ever wanna see ___ ever again
i just wished i graduate from crescent and he would not be able to threaten me anymore
oh wells, enough of that. i can only complain to friends and my teachers. the disciplinary board is just too much to talk over. they are just ALWAYS RIGHT.

had mass dance prac today. was pretty productive depsite the fact that only 6 plus ppl turned up
mmmm. there are suppose to be 30 + dancing
and we are performing this fri. yes the stress
but wadeva it is, i love dance

im in a bad mood
i dont wanna blog anymore
sry, bye.....

even when im a mess, i still put on a vest, with an s

note to me: chill!!!!

you know, i dont wanna meet __ cuz i know my character will just get the better of me. damn i hate it. CONTROL!!!

anyways, i think this model is veryyyy beautiful

pretty right!!! ahhhhh

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