Saturday, August 30, 2008

i like my smile for today. it makes me think im a happy kid

im still in love with my sexxayesss
so.... i went to my thin thin ah ma house for dinner just now
and yes, i have a fat fat ah ma house
i ask my mum how why did we differentiate our ah mas like this and she said it's we who created the names on our own
my my, i didnt know we're that creative ;]

had my dinner and skip skip

it was boring but still. compared to the previous days, it had been an awesome day for me.

took way too many pics 2day. (keeps me happy?)

and there's more... fly away


once again, im incharge. muahaha

you make me high
not on drug

that's the last of it

thank you again

i wish my arms were super long and i can give all of you one big hug

i truly appreciate the concern, and yes, i'm careful in my blogging bout teachers=] no name involved.

and lynette!! im fine=] thanks. mo told me you ask for me right? thank you!


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