Sunday, August 3, 2008

i don wanna lose another soul

my lao gou passed away yesterday
FYI, lao gou = my ah gong's
cuz i 4got how i was related to her
and my mum explained
why are so many ppl passing away!!!
the day when one body was burned, another was dead
though it's the 7th month
that doesnt mean everyone can just poof, and blah, die
im not sad or anything
i just feel that it's so sad
ok no wait.
erm, im damn lousy at words. ughhhh
er, im just not grieving.
i don noe the diff!
i just don like it when ppl just go
and when so many are going at the same period
is heaven/hell missing ppl?
like need to increase their population or something
i tie my hair just for ballet. =] i feel proud. muahahaa
suddenly, i like being neat=]
oh, ye jing every week also say i look damn sleepy
i put eyeliner alr still look sleepy
and she say my eyes are exceptionally small 2day
it's alr tiny weeny ultra small
but not as small as glenda's. HAHAH, omg, geraldine use to measure her eyes
like 0.6cm? i 4got the number
THAM!!! i wana shake it with you
okays, i just had ballet just now
i was late again
my dad luh, come back so late
i shall cycle to ballet next week
yknow i say that almost every week
but it never comes true, so dont count on that
i don actually do what i preach

-==-I have a normal side too...-==- says:
time is like cleavage... squeeze and u get a little...


if i could be an angel.

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