Monday, August 18, 2008


im blank, i have no headings for today

i started my day off weird
i was walking down to asembly
my spectacle box dropped
and the impact of the drop made my box open
and my spectacle smartly drop thru the holes and into the drains
i was WTFUCK?!
then everyone ask me to take
but assembly was starting so like, ok nvm nvm luh
but afterthat smita helped moi take the drain thingy up
and i sqeeuze into the narrow drain
but thankfully, the drain aint that small, if not i'll have to go opposite, which means stick my head in. -_-, NO, dont imagine that

farewell for mdm tan and ms ng 2day
after sch, during dance
anws, ms ng is going to leave sch as well, but mdm tan is just retiring from dance.
sry, couldnt find a better word than retire
don blame me, blame my eng ____=]
sope anws
everything was impromptu, except the cake and stuff
we just got every settled and ta-da, i hope they like the farewell
best wishes to them

the sole of my other shoe fell off again
i know you're confused
see, i have two NIKE shoes
the pink one, sole came off
so i wore the grey one
the grey one, sole came off TOO
so i wore the pink one, which my dad had glued back
but the sole HAPPILY dropped off again, and i used scotchtape to tape it 2gether, unfortunately, it didnt work!!

so i went back home and told my daddy, and thankfully, the grey shoe was fixed
so pink shoe at home, grey shoe on my feet
but today, it came out again
so both the pink and grey NIKE shoes' soles came off
so much for being branded
yes, the designs are nice, but quality.... IT SUCKS MAN!!!!
yuck yuck yuck, so i just bought a lao ya pok shoe from chong pang just now
better then being barefooted

my dance teacher commented that i'm on the edge of growing fat!
i should start running
but im in a dilemma
if i run too much to stay slim
my boobs will lose weight too, and grow flatter(not like it's not flat enough)
so.... i don noe what to do, nvm, stay balance!
next post will be up soon.

P.S: smita's phone is down, THE ugly pics will be delayed. nite

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