Wednesday, August 6, 2008


hey guys, b4 i 4got and switch off my laptop
there's this free hugs thing going on next mon
where we have day off ey?
if you wanna take part
it's at orchard, 1pm
do AT LEAST an hour
don need to stay for long
it's free and yeah, u just basically give others free hugs
if you feel that ur hug is expensive then ya, it's not 4 you.

lol, joking.
oh there's no organisation stuff
it's created by fabian
and erm, yeah, he said he MIGHT ask some ppl to film the hugging
but wont be on tv, duh
prolly youtube huh
the places would be at paragon, cine, underground and so on
so let me know if you're interested
even if you don wanna give others free hug, you can go to town on mon to get free hugs!
work both ways=]]]]]

thank you and bye

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