Friday, August 8, 2008


gor and me

went for a dinner at ghim moh

someone's baby's month old celebration i think. haha

look at the hand size diff!! omg, this baby is only 1 month old.
SMALLER THAN ZEN! amazing huh. cuteness

main dish of the day
roasted pig
i tell you, it's just one THICK layer of fats plus crispy skin
the head's scary im a cow, hear me moo

im super full

eat so much till the pain is gone!=] happy

i got this cut from the car

it's definite
oh ya!!
let me continue bitching for awhile k
while waiting for lim to 'check' us
we made 'new' frens
we were all going ' you got caught for wad?'
then we start laughing
i heard that she was standing at the gate and look at everyone's attire b4 they leave sch
luckily we left early
but still, i wont really care much
she's so weird
ridiculous and unreasonable
but, im in no position to care much bout her anws

so back to today!
went to taka to have lunch with smita, mo mo, hui ping and millie

zinger burger
zinger burger + cheese fries's cheese! i know it looks gross. haha
i pang sehed gerard cuz joce pang sehed me
haha, not my fault
then we went to some small shop to look at the accesories
huiping bought alot of rings and bangles
i spent the same amt of time as her
but ite, i bought nothing
i think the auntie was damn irritated by me

huiping and her new way of carrying the bag. looks like butterfly wings. lolthen i was like, im bored, i don wanna go back home first

so me and ping went to this fashion in sun plaza

omfg, after so long, i finally stepped into this fashion again
then i was looking at the clothes and i realize my taste is really mature compared to ping's

it was so odd

her choice. i wanted to try something 'my age'

over-agedhome -wear
ok ya, didnt buy anything though

as usual, just bought a pack of sweets!

ahahah, she isnt very sick today. we turn out talking bout falls? and injuries. LMAO


the tail.
hahaha, adorable!!!
ho ho ho ho
nike shoe sucks

the sole keeps coming off
my dad stuck it back once, but it got off the second day
so i used scotch tape
but after sticking for 3 days
still come out
so that white thing there is a plaster
=] so much better
the best shot i could get during the torture in my tummy

my prettiest shoe gives me the nastiest blistersi'm not sure if 2day was awesome or a disaster

i just hope for a better 2moro

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