Thursday, July 17, 2008

the wiggy wig! so blonde and long and HEAVY MO TOOK ME WHEN I LOOK SUPER WEIRD. LOL.
guess wad zen was doing...
opening the door. in the end, HE DID OPEN THE DOOR HIMSELF. and he got out.
he's half cat half human pls

PIZZA!! they bluff ppl one, you pull the thing, the cheese wont expand. that protuding thing just comes out. tsk
was writing words to motivate me. smita's love letter at the back!=]

i love letters. they mean much more to me then sms.
why? sms would be gone some day when you change your phone
letters can be kept=] love it

i missed antm session cuz i was editing vid
i haven studied yet
i feel super shyt and dead now


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