Tuesday, July 29, 2008

when i face the screen, my mind's blank

im a happy kid again
oh b4 i 4get
happy birthday joce
the whole canteen, i only can hear your voice

oh btw, i like doing dance with sajc, cuz esplanade so much bigger!
however, i prefer sacc's food=]
main point is
i've got new eye candies!!!
i like the acsi pri sch boys!
they are so cute
the smallest size boy dance the best can!!
ahhh, they are terribly adorable
cannot stand it
and sajc have another pro guy
whoever is gonna catch RAPTURE
it's awesome!!

but damn, we cant stay till the end
cuz we have to go back home to sleep
anws, i studied chem and a math just now, thinking there's test 2moro
i look at my timetable
both lessons not on

and the sole of my other shoe came out again
i'll take pic to show you what i mean
my shoes hates me..

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