Sunday, July 6, 2008

what's the direction in my life

it fits!


from mo's phone.
got back from ballet
was late, AGAIN
papa luh
come back home at 11.20 when my ballet starts at 11.15
im so cycling there next week

then we saw this p5 girl doing pointe for intermediate foundation
she's a bloody p5
prodigy or wad
but i heard she's learning to get into scgs or something
her pointe is nicer then mine
srsly, my pointe sucks big time
hate it
maybe i should just drop it
like im not made for it
then teacher would just tell me, work harder

and, i don noe where im heading to in this point
i feel like giving up everything again
maybe it's just my emo MOMENTS=]
no but i would not give up on dance
i wanted to last time, but thanks to cousin's advice i did not
if i did drop, i'll regret it like shit
nvm if im not the best dancer, i should just love it as i can
lunch time

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