Friday, July 4, 2008

WHAT'S THE CAPITAL OF THAILAND? (by geraldine tham. hint: think dumb)
i could only smell it when it's dead. when it's fresh alive, i had block nose.

yea im kissing air.
turn away...
SEE!! the petal!!
oh btw, got the rose from youth day celebration. elvira caught it but she gave it to me. how nice=]

it's dead=/

read it

ok ya, another pic of the COLOURED DEAD ROSE.

so that was the short cam-whoring session
i love myself too much
that's a lie
i find way too much imperfections in me
but they say 'if you want to love someone else, you've gotta learn how to love yourself first'
im gonna try
but not seem ego at the same time
that's.... hard?

so b4 that
it was sch time
i don pon sch for nuts. PROVIDED... i oversleep.

so ya, youth day celebration was crazy as usual
though i thot that last year's was better??
so we got loads of sweets from teachers and that rose. =]
ms loo so biase to our class!! but i like it
so ya... it was a slacky day
loads of benefits to be youth day too!!

MO MO, ZHEN, POOCH, SMITA (click to enlarge to see wad scribbling i made)
credits: siao char bor - geraldine tham
she is DAMN LAME
moi & LET-TY
xiu beautiful feets. *cough
lollipop in the mouth. geraldine with irritated face. xiu with erm... her face
WAITING FOR GLENDA..... outside nan hua sec
oh so anws
after sch, wanted to go find joyce(sec 4)
to ask her something bout dance
then i knock on the door
teacher: bla bla bla.. i want no disturbance.. bla bla bla
so i just walk away luh
wa lau, i wanted to shout asshole but cool
hate you
then i went to meet up with xiu, tham and letty
to go nanhua to collect the WINGS and costume
nanhua damn big can
anws.. we cabbed there and then we reached early
that's why we were kinda wandering outside their sch
we missed call glenda like 50 OVER times
but nvm, everything is settled now=]

so after that, we cabbed back to nanhua
that was the worst cabbing experience ever
the wings took up so much space
so i was sitting on my right feet and tham was sitting on my left
lol, luckily it wasnt numb when i got out
so yay, we placed it all in sch alr
then went to xiu's house
very funny
had claypot rice
geraldine's skirt is super short
and she did something else... that is. just . weird
hahaha, can ask xiu. tissue paper... HAHA
ok, nvm, then i went for ballet
mdm fung wanna kill us can

so ya, i gotta faster finish that sex book i borrowed
need to return soon
but anws i read most of the scenes alr so ya
kinda fufilled
but whenever i read that book
everyone would comment 'wah shuzhen, so hardworking arh'
i'll be like ' it's a sex book'
then they'll give that face
now kanice calls it the porn book
so ya
im really tired
i think i blogged alot
did i?
i still got picS though

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