Saturday, July 12, 2008

went to my ah ma house just now for dinner
we were suppose to leave house at 5.30
but haha, we left at 6
but then, when we were walking to the lift
my mum came out
she askedme to wait first
help her put make-up
she had a wedding to attend
and im not invited!
cuz that new colleague do not know us yet
but we were kinda late
so help her put lip-stick only
then we cabbed down to ah ma house
i slept there
cuz i was so tired
then we left at 9.30
now im so energetic~
oh we went to coffee bean to buy belgian choc and drink while walking home
my 2 bros are unbelievably ridiculous
lil bro keeps going 'define ___'
then my eld bro would go 'define define'
then my lil bro couldnt say anything else
but after a while, he say ' define define define'
and it goes on and on
see how childish they are!!
then they started talking sick stuff
like wad pisang
it means dick i guess
cuz my bro is wearing a shirt that says 'i (softball) CH'
which probably meant im a softballer in CH
then i was like ' gor youre very ego, say i love chenghowe
then l8r on, my lil bro continued it with all kinds of nonsense like
i ball-less cheng howe, i ball cheng howe
it's crappy luh

then i was defining disappear to my lil bro
zhen: it's vanishing, vanishing is defined as ka-poof
lil bro: define ka-poof
zhen: (show some hand action)

pussy cat dolls' new song. when i grow up.

i think nicole is damn hot. cuz my bro was watching the PCD vids, and i saw those old vids
like beep and don cha
she should try acting
though this new song, the other members just go 'hahaha'

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