Sunday, July 20, 2008

THIS IS ME. all i need is a little truth and respect. i guess it's too much

ugh, why doesnt imeem have those songs i want
and it's failing on me!

ballet was ehh
im always late for ballet
i realize that the nearer you live to ur destination
the later you'll get there
cuz i would think that i can sure make it
whenever i travel far, i always reach there earlier then expected
lol, unless something hold me back

so stupid luh
there's like geog test 2moro
and a math and....phys test on tue!!
mass killing
but still, better then last week

the holy day...
my backside
super duper cramped up
i've like super loads of plan
morning: suppose to go help jrs put make-up for speech day
cant make it, have geog proj actual performance day
after geog proj gotta go back to sch for the victoria concert hall thing
would miss learning festival, which is totally fine with me=]
but worst of all
after the concert i guess i'll make my way down to some place that sounds like bang kok
the concert ends at 9.30!
ok oh well
see how it goes.


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