Tuesday, July 8, 2008

had mr wong's lesson again
thank god it was only 1 period
and yay, skipped assembly
u see, i skipped it, not PONNED it
there's a huge diff
mo mo pang sehed me for lunch
could have gone out with dian and co to vivo
but nvm
met hui ping and min yee on the way
got my lunch
that's how my rose look like now.

anws, pics at b.k. min yee had this construction of cars thing.
yknow when we're young we, or rather i love to play with it
apparently, hui ping has no childhood
she had never played with this b4.

that's min yee. muahaha

yesterday at cold storage, i bought this baby apple juice
yea, i finished it in like 10 secs. quite cool. cheaper then adult drinks.
good way to save money!
if im hancock, my name wouldnt be han-cock
it would be han-v_g__a
if you dont know what that word is, GOOD FOR YOU=]

ANWS... the capital of thailand is...
Thailand. see, the capital of this word Thailand is 'T'!
the others letters are in normal font.
i laugh like crazy
though i heard this b4
it's the way geraldine put it
time for thousand leaves from coffee bean=]

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