Sunday, July 6, 2008

pictures tell a pretty story, but it lies a hidden something

firstly, let's analyze joce's photography skills.
this rocks ey?=]
i'll rate it 10/10!
she's the best photographer in the world
counting from reverse

so anws
take a bow is super nice
great emo song
i like grey. but i swear i wont turn emo
im happy

more pics. from joce's cam. it's better quality rite.

don ask me wad im doing. no idea

This was the best pic she took. haha. good job
love the lighting

at macs=]

ok done
more to come
just not edited yet
going out 2moro
i feel vert weird now
i don noe why
like something's missing
maybe the hw stress
i haven touch on anything yet=[
izzit that surprising that im not attached?
really, im not into r/s now
no point asking so much redundant qn

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