Wednesday, July 2, 2008


see!! milo dino!!
to prove it's not just all powder. see the liq below?? ok, maybe not, bad camera quality
ya, milo is damn fattening i think
i think smita is a good fren
cuz she will remind you it's fattening or wad
like 2day at cine
she keep saying 'stop looking, it's fattening'
then ya i didnt buy those fats
but now at home!
i need self-fat-discipline

oh man, so sleepy
fri: to nan hua to collect costumes. cant go ah ma house. no 10 bucks.
5 july(sat): dunman high to check the place out. cat high funfair ltr on.
19 july (sat): rehearsal for geog proj. is this the day we have the rehearsal??? freak. IZZIT!?
26july(sat): speech day, geog performance day, st anthony's concert
30july: sajc concert

that's alot of things
i mean they fill up my weekends. that's not very good is it
nvm, take things slowly

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