Thursday, July 3, 2008

mdm kartinie tied hair for me

so i came to sch with this weird hair style
'shuzhen! you cut your hair?'
"shuzhen! wad happen to your hair?'
'omg! ahh, you look like you just came out from those manga thing"
'oi siao cha bor" ---by smita wee

oh right
omg, my book is now named the 'sex book'
anws, i was reading the book then mdm kartinie came from behind and ask me to tuck in my uni
so i did
and i knew she would ask me to tie my hair
say it's messy and all
then i clipped it and she say re-tie
then she say tie this tie that
then i told her it's uneven (layered hair)
so she ask me if i know how to tie my hair behind
cuz i plaited my hair at the side
so she pass her tablet to smita and she starting tying my hair for me
so ya
it's quite ODD
very odd actually
everyone was walking pass and looking at me weidly
tsk, fine nvm
i'll re-tie ltr again
bye, ss now

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