Monday, July 28, 2008

i've been lacking retarded posts recently
due to that erm.. wad to call that, not depression
shh-heck-get off my back-stop talking to me!-quiet-independent-anit-social self. in short. emo
nah... i don wear black when i go out-_-
though it is a really flattering slimming colour!
but some ppl really don suit black

im obsessed with antm!!
watch watch watch
oh and my bro just smacked a mozzy
one smack, still flying
2nd smack, still moving
but my bro threw it away alr i think
i hope he flushes it

i cant think of anything that happened 2day
except my bro had eng lessons and he couldnt watch dark knight with me
and i stayed home (hot and stuffy) all day
and caught my lil bro ___
and damn! i think i 4got to feed zen
and damn! i hope my period don come 2moro and the next day
not to god, to my body!
FREAK!!! i heard pineapple would intrigate the flow
i went to country mania to have dinner just now
i ate salad
is there pineapple inside!!!???!!!
i h o p e n o t........................

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