Friday, July 25, 2008


my contact are duper dry now
drying up on my eyeball

sope, after sch, there was geog prac again
damn, 2moro is the REAL THING
good luck to the members=]

oh it was superrr cold in sch 2day
so i wore this brown jacket to assembly
i don have the sch windbreaker with me mah
if not wad, catch a cold?
then this NP teacher said nothing
just do some hand signal, asking me to take it off during assembly
and she confiscated it
asshole luh
so many ppl hates her alr
screw youuuuuuuu

but anws, i brought another pink sweater
so thank goodness
BUT!! when i was making my way to the AVT
i saw her again
in my pink sweater
luckily she didnt catch me.

oh wellsss
oh oh, geog proj
the PAT is effing cold luh
we were frozen inside while it is raining outside
so bla bla
rushed home to bathe
and then rushed out to meet the ballerinas at park mall
so me and ye jing bought out dinner and some chips and off we go to fort canning park
i skipped lunch cuz there was no time to eat at all

oh anws, it was raining so the stage was pretty wet
and they delayed the whole thing by an hour to clean up the stage
we were busy tearing plastic bags to sit on
the show was awesome

love this the best.

title of the dance is ballet under the stars, sadly, there werent any stars

see those crap

i know it's all black
OH OH!! when i came
i read this as FART GATE.

oh oh, more pics
we got this cute ballet shoe bag
so sweet
i'll post the pic the next time
not 2moro
cuz there's no time
i should be sleeping
im so out of time!!!!!!!!!!!!
b4 i go, i needa so complain bout this lower sec boy
he was bouncing the bloody basket ball while we walk the long stretch of road
so freaking annoying!!!!
all i heard was BONG
like pls luh, u wanna show off also don show off near the road
i was SOO tempted to smack the ball to the road
i bet badelmo would confirm say something like, you should. ahhaha
ok, wait, i don wanna bet.
and 3 cheekos kept STARING at me
im not naked, asses
my mum asked me tp stop saying ass and suck
those are my fav words=[[[
and i feel unbalanced
cuz just now we sit on a slope
so now when i sit on a chair
it feels ODD.
kk, gtg wash up and get to bed asap

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