Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i went for dance after e-learning
haha, was 30 mins late
i expected that, SORRY

i think it was quite productive 2day though
cuz we finally get a place to our self and can diao in a better environment

hop hop

and this is what i got. i guess/hope things will get better
im too tired for anything

to anonymous, passer, passerby:
yo ppl=] im blogging to you! yea, i wonder how many other names there would be. like anon, or pass-by or bloghopper, or even more ridiculous: 1,2,3,4,5,-,=,=], ok. but that's not my point.
really, erm, if u think im ugly, then i guess that's your point of view. i cant really go have a plastic surgery if that's what you want. =] but srsly, i kinda got the feeling youre from my sch?
even if youre not, you're a girl? im not impying that u're jealous, unless you really are. why would you be anws. so ya, sry to disappoint but i wont stop taking nor posting my pics. cuz this is my blog. and im grateful to you/you all that you care to tag and comment.
sry for any disturbance. yknow, being a fellow blogger, i guess it's common to hear that huh. being fellow blog-hoppers, i guess it's common you give ur opinion too. so don take it to heart huh, im not here to reduce ur hate for me. i don noe why you hate me either. did i slap you? did i bitch bout you? i have done no crimes in my life to you, unless you think my pics destroy your eyes or something? yeah. fyi, i don hate you k.

ok, that's a wrap
i think my lil'bro went to delete all the games i downloaded!
oh man, i have to re-install them again
addicted to gaming=]
i think im gonna give up signing into msn
it's just hopeless.

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