Saturday, July 5, 2008

not because it's hard to but i cant decide on which effect to use
love it.=]
so pictures for the day (more to come in 2nd post ltr on)

we went to dunman high in the morning to check the performance area out
quite cool
then we headed to town
got off at somerset and walk to taka
but hell no, it started pouring like crazy
so we took some flyer shit
and ran to the shelter
but still... we're drenched. totally
the flyer helped. but not that much, threw it away half way
so we got into the aircon building and it was cold
so changed out
and ta-da! we're in the toilet.

so then, i made my way down to bishan to meet joce and jessica tan
i was kinda late but oh well
gotta know edmund
jess's fren
he brought us ard
quite a good guide
then saw loads of ex-classmates
but srsly!! cant u even say hi
2 didnt say hi. (prolly they didnt regconise moi)
one tapped on my shoulder to say hi
another one looked several times then said hi
wadeva it is
i just met a lot of ppl i know from friendster
just that they aint my frens. just know them by face
ALGENE. or wadeva his name is spelt
omg, always hearing my bro talking bout him
his legs are super slim can
from the back, i thot he was a girl that was bald...
he was wearing fbt too
so sissy. we wanted to talk to him=]] kept stalking him
but anws... this year's fun fair was much more interesting then last yr's
though it was raining but still good
maybe cuz of the ppl i went with
and my bag is super heavy 2day!!
my shoulder is dying

ok next.. we went to j8 to grab a bite at macs and walked ard
cam-whores in action
i like this. makes me look emo.
oh at cat high.

then we walked out cuz i think, no we did spent a LONNG time inside that changing room. hee
sry, i 4got to set timer then i just pressed the button. so it looks kinda wrong.
whee love
then we had a drink at coffee bean=]]
and guess wad we did?
we took each other's phone and scan thru the pics
joce took a longer time cuz i have 600+ pics in my phone
and she has 400+
BUT!! she just got her phone last month
so ya, it's counted alot alr. teehee
then went to sun plaza to meet up with mummy
wanted to buy cleo mag but yknow!! the mag's are all so torn and worn out
so i just stayed at popular and read the mags
and i swear my bag's killing me
blog ltr ya!

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