Thursday, July 31, 2008

i wanted to blog yesterday but was too late
it's his birthday yesterday
and i couldnt celebrate with him
i almost 4got it was his birthday!! till my mum reminded me
i know im a bad daughter

kids on the move. fyi, that's the name of the little girls' grp.

celestuba, geraldinamani, glendashuari, eudeavathy
oh yknow wad
for two consecutive nights, both my dinner do not have carrot
everyone elses have carrot! except me.SO...
my eyecandy. no me and melia's eyecandy is super pro
he dances in almost every dance
and he is only erm, J1?
so good
i love esplanade
it's huge
cant wait for musical evening
maybe our sch should invite other schs
like... ACSI PRI!!!! ahh, they are so cute!=]]]
but once again during our performance
at the same very part
i lost my sense of direction
but it turned out really great
esplanade's lighting are superb
btw, the graduated seniors comment that we did damn well
so everyone clap for yourself
some minor errors but still, we did good okay.
don be sad

it's over!
i feel quite empty

anws, i received this last morning
the geog competition certificate.
then i went on stage to take it
when i got off, ms tan pulled me to one side to tell me something
'next time when you go on stage, can you pls take out ur penguin first.'
you know dirty? the penguin hanging from my phone
apparently, it was quite distracting
and there's my shoe and... my sole

and few nights ago, i 4got when.
went to country mania.
i ate this!!
still looks so appealing=]]. yum

and the salad

my dad is nagging like SHYT again
i'll go have my dinner and bathe first


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