Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ehh, just press play and read my blog.
he's voice is AMAZING.
super charming
just listen to his voice
that's all you need to do=]


it was racial harmony!!
over due-d pics

zhen, pooja, momoah ma, me, mum
white mo mo, yellow lynette, screwed me, sexy pooja
me and dian!! she lent me the costume=] love love
sry, wrong action. im suppose to be a malay!! in that baju kurung

i finally got the name right.


i wanted to fit my head into the headphones
but im kinda SHORT
i'll lift the world for you
mo mo, tsk tsk. pervert
you must understand how hot i felt yesterday. hee

some odd pictures=]
see where mine and pooja's hands are!! =]] who ask mo wear such bright coloured bra
I... spray water
we tried blending in, but too bad, our heads too small. that's good!
ok done=]
racial harmony yesterday was really fun
like you see diff ppl wearing different things
some kind of exhibit
and besides, it was slack yesterday=]

but 2day
the first a math lesson everyone was falling asleep alr
after sch had the geog proj prac again
so far so good!=]
so excited for this sat
oh oh, this fri then im going to ballet under the stars. or izzit sun
i think it's stars.
ok nvm
i think this year's sec 4s have a lot of chio bu-s
my year have some. but lesser=[

ok nvm bout that
millie: you look like an authentic asian
duh, im asian
ppl say i look cheena, korean, bla bla. cuz i have microscopic eyes!
i swear my dad looks quite jappy.


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