Friday, July 11, 2008

as you can see
damn, my tag baord is gone
all the sweet-retarded tags are gone
im so angry with myself

anws, had ballet just now
was fun... but ended late again, as usual
OMG, saw (shit, idk how to spell her name)'s tatoo!!
so cool!!!!
i hope my mummy let me do one next time
(her name)'s mum is so cute and hip
haha, she herself is funny

ah, my e-learning hw aint done yet
expected HUH.
anws, going to st anthony for dance rehearsal 2moro
omg wwe sounds awful
all i hear is this mad woman screaming her head off
i ask me bro wad happen 4 times
he just look at me blankly
i asked my dad 3 times he then answered me 'the wedding is off lor'
im like wad??
OK.. nvm..
i gtg do my lit, chi and geog. =[

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