Wednesday, July 16, 2008


i just received this mail on how to make your life better
147 mini tips
quite cool
dance is one of them!! yay
and smiling too
and must eat breakfast
is recess counted as breakfast anw?

i don like 3 teachers who are teaching me now
and nope, mo mo haven send me the pics yet
my dearie boyfie
lol, i put that as my msn nick and ppl actually believe i have a boyfren
just fyi, we were gf and bf in a skit only
im like so guai, i don get boyfrens now

had lunch with smita and hui ping
hui ping has like 5 boyfrens
mas selamat is one of them, a paper teddy, and some other anime characters
you know females are called mistress right, what are guys called? like the male version of mistress.
hui ping anyhow guessed 'master'
but the prob is, mistress is so downgrading to us female species and master is upgrading them.
it's a NO NO
anws. my point is, mr bean is hui ping's (guy version of) mistress
oh hui ping guess the opp of mistress is gigolo
but the opposite of prostitude is then gigolo wad
and she showed us this really cool thing on the train
ok, you go to whoever you know
ask them to say stop as you walk on their arms. the inwards of them arm k.
but say stop only when they feel that you have reach the joint area
they are suppose to close their eyes
you 'walk' slowly
the results should be the person saying stop b4 reaching the joint area=]

anws, back to the male and female thing again
im not a sexist or anything luh
females are more sensitive
right right
and ivandy told me that soy bean would cause female hormones
like wth!!
and he says he drinks alot
so he is very sensitive. i agree


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