Friday, June 6, 2008

i keep on suaning my frens nowadays
especially smita and glenda
and i actually feel happy
oh damn, im feeling so sadistic
after dance yesterday
i took the same bus as glenda and thru the entire journey
it was me suaning glenda all the way
her expression damn funny can
zhen: eh, ur eye so small but still can express that you are being suaned, not bad arh
hahaha! omg, then she gave me that look again, it was damn hilarious

anws, yeahhhh
i woke up at 1.45 2day
not bcuz i want to

those noisy ppl keep drilling and banging some shit
i told myself heck care them
so i went back to sleep
they started at 10 luh
then i couldnt stand it anymore, so i woke up at that time
then we went out for lunch
me and my bros, ate at kfc
omg, in the morning, my stomach was damn flat
i was so freaking happy
after lunch, it came out again
then i was complaining to my bro
why guys stomach once have abs, then take very long then will bulge out again
it's so unfair can
not that i want abs but i just want a flat tummy!!

do you think it's weird to have a hole in your face when you smile?

my bro say he would bring me to his sch gym
yay yay yay

and smita just told me that if you run on the treadmill
they will let you know you lost how many calories
damn good can
i just knew it
it's so freaking cool!!!!

oh oh, george sampson has a really cute smile

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