Sunday, June 15, 2008

YAY, seetshuzhen did get her shopping done afterall

went northpoint
but mummy say we'll go elsewhere 2moro

so yeah
ate at yoshi with gor
xiang is at his bb camp
so yah....
lol, he missed out
then we went to the food court to look for mummy and papa
omg, the couple sitting beside us are so weird

the lady was scooping the desert then the guy was like 'can you be faster or not'
in the extremely frustrated tone
then after that
lady: eh, how is the green tea in ur fridge?
guy: none of your business
lady: but it's mine
guy: look, that's my house, my fridge and so that green tea is mine

HAHAHA, wth rite
my mum say maybe this is how they interact with each other -_-
uh huh....
so anws, pa and gor went home first
cuz the ladies would be going to buy lingerie!!!
omg, i bought so many
then i was asking wad's the diff between maximiser and normal bra
then i felt one
omg, the sponge is super super huge can
like covers more then half the cup
so i asked my mum to touch
i was like 'it's freaking big'
mum: mmm, oh.. oh ya, aiyo.
haahhah, damn funny
ya, then i bought some dresses=]] YIPPEEE

oh b4 that
when i was walking into john little
i saw this golden bangles
then i realize i was blocking someone
so i moved and said sorry
then the person said sorry back
omg... cute guy!!!
ahhh, i was like, that sorry felt nice
i noe im retarded


i censored my fingers. NOT BCUZ IM POINTING MIDDLE FINGER OR WAD. becuz my fingers were at some awkward position that would totally spoil the pic
i bought this. but i know, the top part is weird. i love the bottom
i didnt buy this. looks odd
but i bought this omg, i love the dress!! ahhh
YA. OMG, the guy looks so cute=]]
i think he smiled
AHHHH, i wanna see him again=]]]
i allow you to scold this retard
but eh, im a girl huh
and my mum went to the AXS machine b4 going back home
omg, they spent like damn long time there trying to figure the machine out
managed one document but the other one. cant do it.

censored for the same reason. HAHA

that cute guy reminds me of my eye-candy
omg, then after shopping
i shop till john little annouce 'shoppers, you still have 5mins left' or something like that
then we went to macs after that
as usual
seems like a routine to go have a drink after shopping
then i bought this brownie
'darn good brownie'
i was lmao inside
so i ordered it
it felt so weird to go 'i want the darn good brownie'
i tried not to laugh
but i giggled a little. HAHAHAH
erm, but the brownie aint that good. from mcafe
then the girls sitting beside are damn funny too
girl 1: so wad was the most memorable thing during ___?
girl 2: oh, ___'s cleavage
girl 2: like seriously, im not being a prevert, there's nothing wrong looking at another girl's boobs. but hers was the most memorable
oh then it told my mum on the bus
mum: HAHA, i know, i heard it too
zhen: TSK!! how could you evedrops huh
mum: cuz i know my daughter will

then giodarno (it looks kinda weird, did i spell it wrongly?) was still open
i wanted to buy this huge shirt as pj
but my mum was complaining it's so cold
so yeah... everything. 2MORO=]

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