Monday, June 16, 2008


i was quite piss last nite
no, very piss
sry for those who i msged and let out my anger on
ya, cuz from being able to go shopping, we didnt
damn irritating can
make me wait so long then tell me we cant
so we went back to northpoint again-_-
but anws, i bought a top only from GIORDANO (i got it right)
i still want another shoe
but ugh, they dont have the design i want anymore!!=[
i noe, my hand is awkward-ed-ed-ed

this is the tee i bought. it's the most meaningful tee but with one of the ugliest fonts.
then my mum was like, u cant always have the best wad.
so i got this=]]]

ok, ya
i was angry rite
but i told myself if i saw another cute guy
4get that im angry
and i did!

i saw him at giordano, but diff from the john little guy
so happy
then i told my mum, then she was like
have meh, how come i didnt notice
then i said 'cuz ure not a teenager'
then i was complaining to her why sembawang no cute guys
haiz, damn sad can

EH EH EH!! wait, i 4got to blog bout this
sembawang do have a cute guy
provided he lives ard here luh
maybe he just come to his fren's house or somthing
anws, the other time i went to the minimart, i saw this hot guy
not cute
ahhh, so hot
he looks bit ang mohish
but also like malay
i don noe, just so hot

mum: wad's the use of looking at them?
zhen: no no, you know when u have tat split sec of excitement, very nice. same when jie ling said bye to me. eh, but im not les. i mean.... ya...
really huh

ok, bye
it's like.. going to 1pm?
and xiang's not up yet
i wanna go have lunch!
eh wait, i hear urinating sound and flushing of toilet
ok, he's up=]
cant be zen wad

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