Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A TO Z DAY (koped from melia)

oh melia claims she's the one who started calling me zhen
ok, nvm=]]
i woke up with the house spinning
i was feeling extremely giddy
and i knew my mum cooked porridge for my lil'bro
still didnt feel better but haiya wadeva
so i reached the mrt station
and omfg!!!
the whole platform is crowded can
cuz of train fault
it was so hot and squeezy and stuffy
so i missed 2 trains cuz apparently i don wanna die in that sqeeuzy train

got to sch and wa-la
after a while, getting in touch with make-up
i felt better
not that i went to put them on luh
miracle touch. lol

so yay
got the byebye part done. that's quite an accomplishment yknow
and the sexylove part done as well
now left with....
oh ya, we did the crank dat part to
so left with in this club and ayo technology
i think im in love with drawing retarded stuff
and wallace claims all cam-whorers have __
so i think i should stop being such a cam-whorer
decrease i mean.....


oh yeah, all my drawings are done in photoshop
using the mouse
no i didnt buy tablet. that's why (my signature is so ugly. eh wait, even w/o the mouse, it'll still be ugly)

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