Saturday, June 28, 2008

'time is hope'

for the first time,
i think twice b4 switching on my com

trust me or not, i really didnt think of the internet as interesting anymore
say it 'she's weird'

and i found the main culprit behind those gays and homo thingy

wad a bad bad elmo he is....
but he's a good entertainer

and yes, smita's right
no pain is everlasting=]

oh no, i promise MYSELF
i 4got which day
but last week
smita purposely step on my shoe
then i turned around and wanted to step on hers
and wanted to say "eh, my shoe spoil alr luh, still step'
but b4 i could say that...
guess wad
she totally grobed my boob
or shall i say my right boob
cuz she's kinda petite, and when she stick out her hand, it kinda FITS at that level area
so her motive was to push me away to prevent me from stepping her shoe
and her main motive was to grobe my right boobie
it wasnt like a short period of time
cuz we needed to balance so she was kinda grobing my nehneh to balance to
ok, it was just..... hard to 4get
stored in my memories alr
and she and dian can still be laughing so hard!

i love cartoons.
i love mtv
u know the show icarly?
ya, i thot miranda cosgrove might be the next hannah montana cuz she can sing and act
and i tink that she sings much better then miley cirus.
so after i commented my bro says

bro: confirm they change the voice one
zhen: -_-
bro: aiya, for every nice song, i always say that was
zhen: how bout hannah montana?
bro: ya the same
zhen: but i don think she sings nice
bro: huh..
zhen: nvm, how bout hilary duff?
bro: ya same same, edited one
zhen: so ure saying her songs are nice luh!! yes yes=]]
bro: no no, edit alr but still as bad

he's so pro
mo mo is coming back next wed
she's pro-est

fuck, im getting this terrible stomachache!!!

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